Hurricane Preparation and Damage Repair in Port St. Lucie, Davie, & Miami – Over 35 Years of Excellence

Looking For Expert Hurricane Preparation and Damage Repair in Port St. Lucie, Davie, or Miami? Choose Joe Hillman Maintenance & Construction

Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Ensure your property is secure and ready for the challenges of hurricane season. Our comprehensive pre-hurricane services are designed to protect your home and minimize potential damage.

  • Shutter Installation and Take Down: We provide both installation and removal services for storm shutters and boarding with wood to shield your windows from high winds and debris.

  • Secure Outdoor Items: From patio furniture to bicycles and planters, we’ll help you store or secure all outdoor items that could become airborne in strong winds.

  • Debris and Junk Removal & Cleanup: Clear potential hazards from your property with our thorough debris and junk removal services, ensuring nothing dangerous is left to catch the wind.

  • Garage Door Bracing: Strengthen your garage door to withstand the fierce winds with our specialized bracing techniques.

  • Securing Fences and Gates: Ensure that your fences and gates are securely anchored to avoid damage and potential hazards during the storm.

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Hurricane Damage Cleanup

Joe Hillman Maintenance & Construction specializes in handling the aftermath of hurricanes in Port St. Lucie, Davie, and Miami. Our team is equipped to address the extensive challenges brought by hurricane damage, providing fast and reliable solutions to ensure your family’s comfort.

From immediate repairs to cleanup of your exterior and yard, we’re prepared to tackle what a storm brings to your home and property.

Comprehensive Hurricane Cleanup and Repair Services

When the storm subsides, the cleanup process begins. Count on Joe Hillman Maintenance & Construction to help you efficiently clean up and repair your home. Here’s how we can assist in getting your property back to normal:

  • Hurricane Cleanup: We swiftly remove storm debris and clean up your property, so you can focus on other recovery efforts.

  • Fences and Gate Repairs: Repair and restore damaged fences and gates to secure your property and maintain privacy.

  • Debris and Junk Removal & Cleanup: Continue clearing out fallen branches, damaged materials, and other debris to prevent further complications and hazards.

  • Pressure Washing: Clean up mud, silt, and other residues from your home’s exterior with our professional pressure washing services.

  • Door and Window Replacements: Replace broken doors and windows to safeguard your home from weather elements and maintain security.

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Your Trusted Handyman Team Since 1987

Trust Joe Hillman Maintenance & Construction for your hurricane cleanup needs. We are deeply familiar with the local construction standards and climate challenges of Port St. Lucie, Davie, and Miami, enabling us to provide tailored services that strengthen your home against future storms.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drives us to offer dependable, efficient services every time.

Proactive and Preventative Solutions

Beyond immediate repairs, we emphasize preventative measures and enhancements to protect your home against future hurricanes. This includes reinforcing vulnerable points, improving drainage systems, and advising on protective home improvements. Our goal is to not only repair but to fortify your home, giving you peace of mind when the next storm approaches.

If your property has suffered from hurricane damage, or if you wish to prepare for future storms, contact Joe Hillman Maintenance & Construction today. We’re ready to help you rebuild stronger and safer.

Proudly Serving the Port St. Lucie, Davie, and Miami Areas for Over 35 Years, We Are Your Hurricane Damage Repair Experts

Joe Hillman Maintenance & Construction has been a leader in exceptional handyman services for more than 35 years. As a dedicated family-owned business, we excel in customer satisfaction and quality service. Supported by a comprehensive service guarantee, we bring Dedication, Reliability, and Professionalism to every project, ensuring you receive the most effective solutions for hurricane damage.

What People Are Saying

I have used Hillman at home, at the office and at rental properties. I will always use their service.

Andrew Palmer

They returned phone calls and were professional in every way. They showed up on time, got the job done and left the area clean. I would highly recommend them for any job large or small.

Andrew LemkeKey Biscayne, FL

The team at Joe Hillman are very reliable and easy to deal with. They are always super clean and very knowledgeable. We always get
excellent work and our tenants love them. We would highly recommend.

William Brooke

Dave was on time reviewed the work. Gave me a fair price and went right to work. I added work on as he was here. Everything was done cleanly and as I expected. Will use again

Matthew Barkley

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